Pointless Rewind – A Seinfeld Podcast (Episode 1 – Pilot)

Hey everyone, for those of you who enjoy my X-Files posts, maybe you're into other 90's era television? If that's the case, check out my podcast Pointless Rewind where we stray into talking about Seinfeld in our first A Pod…

Pointless Rewind Podcast Episode 8 – Pointlessly Rewinding Halloween

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, check out our latest episode as we delve into the 1978 classic Halloween! Enjoy as we discuss the terrifying aura of Michael Myers, while also wondering aloud if the movie would have been better off had the killer been Jason's mother. Delve into our thoughts on Donald Pleasance's Dr. Loomis and how he brings a level of sophistication to the movie, all while also just being a "pleasance" to watch. And of course, just hear us rave about this seminal movie and how suspense seems to be an afterthought these days.

Podcast Episode 1 – Pointlessly Rewinding The Terminator

I have branched into podcasting! Check out our new podcast, Pointless Rewind where we pointlessly rewatch, rehash, review and rewind our way through pop culture that tickles our nostalgia. Basically, this is the podcast version of wasting your life. Come…

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