Dark Souls Level Reviews

Ahhh Dark Souls.  How can I convey to others just what you mean to me?  I guess I could write a review for the game but what will that actually accomplish?  Dark Souls has been reviewed to death and I couldn’t do it justice.  I’d wax poetic about the different game components such as the exploration, the lore, the challenging combat…all things that the game does fantastically.

But all of that has been done before!  No, in order to really do Dark Souls justice, I gotta talk about what about it that really gets my juices flowing.  Why has this game stayed lodged in my brain three years after I beat it?

It’s those fucking levels, I tell ya.

Now not all of these levels are great.  Hell some of them are not even good.  But each of them has this intangible quality that demands to be dissected.  The way they are designed, the way they each tell a story, the enemy and boss design and how they feel like a natural extension of the world.  That’s what I love.  I want to give each one the proper amount of thought and care, because every single one of them, good or bad, stuck with me in some way.

And that’s why I am writing these level reviews.  I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do!


Dark Souls





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